Network Solutions Center / CSO distributes Hex-Rays Decompiler and IDA Pro products in North and South America. To purchase a new Hex-Rays license, please fill out the Order Form and fax it to us at (410) 203-1469, or call us at (877) 943-2776 or at (410) 203-2673. To upgrade your Hex-Rays license, please fill out the Upgrade Order Form You can watch the demo here Hex-Rays Video To obtain a license outside the Americas, please visit the manufacturer's website at If you are a reseller, please call us for details. To purchase an IDA Pro license, please visit

Hex-Rays is a decompiler that transforms binary applications into a high level C-like pseudo code. Unlike disassemblers, which perform the same task at a lower level, the decompiler output is concise and closer to the way most programmers write applications. This alone can save hours of work because analysts easily map the disassembly output to high-level concepts. The decompiler frees them from this tedious and boring task. Since the decompiler output is similar to high level languages, one does not have to be an expert assembly language programmer to understand it.
We have a flyer about the Hex-Rays Decompiler here. Hex-Rays Flyer

Hex-Rays is the first decompiler that can handle real world applications. It embodies more than ten years of proprietary research and implements unpublished algorithms and innovative ideas. Its output is clean, well-structured, and easily modifiable.

IDA Pro training is now available in the US. We will hold training sessions in Columbia, MD during Sep 30 - Oct 4, 2013. If you are interested in training, please contact us. Seats are limited, so please reserve early. Registration

If you have questions about Hex-Rays, or need tech support, we'd be happy to help you. The best way to get tech support is via email. Please remember that you need to have IDA Pro 5.8 or later to use Hex-Rays. For new Hex-rays Decompiler purchases, your IDA Pro license has to be current.

You can also get help by joining our support forum at forum